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Kikoskia viewer vote stream: Phase 2

kav2k Hello, Kav here. Before you go on and vote in Phase 2, a few necessary explanations!

How does the voting system work?

The voting system we're using is called (near-synonymously) "Ranked-choice", "Instant-runoff" or "Single-transferable" voting.

We have a shortlist of 43 games, and in your ballot you can choose any number of them, ranked in preference. The lower-ranked choices are your "backup" options in case your higher-ranked choices are eliminated.

After the voting period closes and we have all ballots on hand, the election begins. It consists of rounds, which continue until one game gets a majority of the votes.

During a round:

  1. Every ballot is counted as the topmost choice on it. E.g. in the first round, that would be the first choice of everyone.
  2. If one candidate has over 50% of the votes, it is the overall winner and the election is over.
  3. If not, we select a loser for this round. This is the candidate with the least votes in the round. If there are multiple options tied for the lowest number of votes, a random one is selected.
  4. The selected loser is eliminated, and is removed from all ballots. If it was your highest-ranking option, your vote now transfers to the next lower-ranked one on your ballot (if any remain).
  5. A new round starts, with one fewer eligible candidate.

This voting system means:

  • Only the top-ranked (remaining) choice on every ballot counts in a given round.
  • Consequently, a candidate can be eliminated even if it's second-choice for many.
  • The favourite of the first round isn't necessarily the overall winner.
  • If you don't rank all possible choices, your ballot might stop counting if all your choices are eliminated.
  • There is an element of randomness, but only if there are ties for lowest place.

How do I vote for Phase 2?

We are using the free service RankIt for this poll.

If you want to see an example before you head to the real vote, take a look at this Pokémon starter vote.

The page is divided between the top ballot part outlined by dashed line and the bottom part with candidates. The selected candidates are cyan-coloured and the inactive ones below are grey.

  • Click/tap an inactive choice to add it to the ballot.
  • Drag&drop or use the arrow buttons to rearrange your choices.
  • Click/tap the minus button to remove a choice from the ballot.
  • Only choices in the ballot area will count for your ballot!

Once you're happy with your choices, submit your vote! Note that you will not be able to edit it, unlike Phase 1.

Like in Phase 1, you won't see intermediate results while the vote is running. This is to make vote manipulation less likely. We will make all voting details public afterwards!

The vote runs for 1 week, until noon GMT on Monday, 2022-12-12.

kav2k Now that you've read all the above (you did read it, right?), you're ready to vote! Remember, you can't edit your vote!

Vote closed! See results on the main voting page.

As a bonus, you can find below a little description of all shortlist games written by Kiko — in case you're unfamiliar with any of them.

Lastly, if the game(s) you want to see didn't win, don't despair! Kikoskia definitely already took note of the Phase 1 votes for future Let's Plays and streams. The winner of this vote is guaranteed to appear as a stream, but others have a fair chance too!

Game Release Description
A Hat in Time 2017 (PC) A collect-a-thon 3D platformer with awesome top hats, time travel and booping seals.
Anachronox 2001 (PC) The first part of an epic sci-fi RPG whose ending was sadly never made. It's got a cult following and its own unique charm, but it's definately a flawed game.
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura 2001 (PC) Think Fallout but with more steampunk and magic. It's a game I've looked at a number of times but never got around to playing.
Arx Fatalis 2002 (PC) The original spirtual successor to Ultima Underworld. Explore a 3D realm full of enemies, danger and NPCs on an epic quest that oozes early 2000s charm.
Blood 1997 (PC) A build engine FPS focusing on fighting occult enemies. Full of hitscan that can be frustrating, but the game possesses a wonderful atmosphere.
Chrono Trigger 1995 (SNES) A classic SNES Squaresoft RPG. Embark on an adventure through time to save the world from disaster.
Dark Sun: Shattered Lands 1993 (PC) If you thought Ravenloft was bleak, oh boy. Dark Sun is a ruined world and in Shattered Lands, you'll be D&Ding through it. The people are brutal, life is cheap and hope is sparse.
Divinity: Original Sin 2014 (PC) A Baldur's Gate-esque RPG game. It's got all those modern bells and whistles that I'm not used to being a man in my mid-thirties who is overdue on re-replaying Doom 2.
DOOM (2016) 2016 (PC) What many consider to be the pheonix rising from the ashes of the Doom franchise. Fast, brutal and full of heavy metal, it's a modern take on the classic formula.
Dragon Age: Origins 2009 (PC) The first in a series of Action RPGs where you take on the role of a slayer of horrible monsters. Lots of party interaction and even romance.
Duke Nukem 3D 1996 (PC) The FPS that comes to mind when you think of build engine games. Marketed as a mature game, this will be played with the 18+ stuff turned off.
Dungeons of Dredmor 2011 (PC) A top down dungeon-delving roguelike full of silliness, dying to trying to kick down doors and vending machines. Has a learning curve and plenty of random chance.
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes 2011 (PC) The sequel to Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. Follows on storywise from the original - or does it? - with more polish and likely lots of MAYHEM!
Fallout 1997 (PC) The ancestor of post-apocalyptic roleplaying games very much in the vein of original Bioware games. The UI hasn't aged super well, but the plot is still just as captivating.
Fallout: New Vegas 2010 (PC) A post-apocalyptic roleplaying game that's also an FPS. It has an emphasis on characters, exploration and choosing between various shades of moral grey.
Gothic 2001 (PC) An RPG that's like Ultima IX only much, much better. You're trapped within a magical prison tasked with fulfilling a quest and hopefully earning your freedom.
Heroes of Might and Magic III 1999 (PC) A turn-based fantasy strategy game with a focus on resource management, army composition and spells. Battles take place on a grid with an emphasis on tactics.
Jagged Alliance 2 1999 (PC) A turn-based military strategy game focusing on small-scaled conflicts. Guide a group of mercenaries as they try to liberate an island from a tyrannical despot.
King of Dragon Pass 1999 (PC) We completed this interactive fiction story once, but there's always new ways to play and new ways to fail. Maybe we'll even let CHAT decide our fate... if we want to lose even faster, that is.
Legend of Grimrock 2 2014 (PC) The sequel to the game which caused a resurgence in dungeon delving RPGs. Take a new party through a new adventure, now with farmers!
Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven 1998 (PC) The first mainline Might and Magic game with a 3D world, it focues on the world of Enroth and the Kreegan threat. A long game full of many, MANY sidequests.
Might and Magic: World of Xeen 1993 (PC) The final entry in the original storyline of the Might & Magic universe and a grid-based dungeon crawler. It's old but still has that wondrous space opera charm to it.
Minecraft 2011 (PC) It's Minecraft. What more do I need to say, save that a LOT of new stuff has come out since I last played it?
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord 2020 (PC) It's more Mount & Blade, but now with better graphics and new jank. Be a person on a horse killing stuff, side with lord, forge your own destiny... and make your own fun in this first person medieval combat game.
Outer Wilds 2019 (PC) Not to be confused with Outer Worlds. An award-winning open world mystery about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop. Best played spoiler-free, so no more details!
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous 2021 (PC) It's a D&D game, but using the Pathfinder rules. I've never played Pathfinder, so expect me to me to flounder for a bit as I find my feet.
Pillars of Eternity 2015 (PC) The hugely popular successor to the Baldur's Gate 2 style of RPG. Lots of polish, voice acting and complexity I'll have to quickly get my head around if I want to prevail.
RimWorld 2013 (PC) The best way to describe this is that it's Dwarf Fortress lite with 100% more murderous emus.
Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind 2018 (PC) The sequel to King of Dragon pass that I'm 100% likely to fail at many, many times if we play it.
Star Control II 1992 (PC) Part space exploration, part RPG, part mystery, all wacky. This is a cult classic for a reason and one that I'd absolutely want a walkthrough on hand to help me out with, for it's a doozy when it comes to figuring out what to do.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2003 (PC) It's a bioware 3D RPG in the Star Wars universe. Will I be good, evil or me blundering about failing at everything with LIGHTSABERS AND BLASTERS PEW PEW PEW
Subnautica 2014 (PC) Minecraft underwater. Your ship has crashlanded leaving you strande on a water world. Explore, craft, survive and beware what lurks in the deep.
System Shock 2 1999 (PC) A sci-fi FPS RPG that follows on from the original in terms of plot. Trapped on a ship in deep space infested with enemies, can you survive and save humanity from a terrible fate?
The Elder Scrolls I: Arena 1994 (PC) The first entry in the series. It shows its age even compared to Daggerfall but it's a curious RPG that isn't quite sure what it wants to be and thus is interesting to explore.
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 2002 (PC) Vote quickly, outlander, or go away! Before those cliffracers descend upon us!
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 2006 (PC) Stop right there, criminal scum! Your stolen votes are now forfeit and what's this? No gold to pay your fine? Then to jail with you!
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 2011 (PC) I used to be a let's player like you, then a took a viewer vote to the knee.
The Entropy Centre 2022 (PC) A puzzle game where you have to wrap your head around time travel to make progess. This one will be a headscratcher, for sure.
Thief: The Dark Project 1998 (PC) A first person stealth game where fighting is the last desperate option. Go through levels full of guards to sneak by, undead to best and treasures to steal... for profit.
Tyranny 2016 (PC) The bad guy won and you're one of his agents enacting his despotic will. Travel about a land devoid of hope in this RPG and choose your side in the battles to come.
Ultima VI: The False Prophet 1990 (PC) The Avatar is back and this time he's trying to stop a war between humans and supposed demons. Far more clunky than Ultima VII, but a fan favourite RPG for some.
Wizardry 8 2001 (PC) The final entry in the venerable mainline Wizardy RPG series, it's in full 3D and is quite playable once you figure out how the mechanics work,
XCOM 2 2016 (PC) It's XCOM only even more bleak! Fly about in your mobile base and try to stop the evil schemes of the aliens before they doom humanity.