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Welcome, folks, one and all to my homepage!

I'm Damien Jennison, better known as Kikoskia, and I'm a British YouTuber and aspiring writer.

Below you'll find links to the various content I create. My ultimate goal is that people gain enjoyment from watching / reading it.

If you like it, consider joining the community, giving some feedback or supporting me in what I do!

My content


Most people know me from my Let's Plays. I've been doing them since 2008, so there's a lot of content to choose from!

Check out my channel as I play of games of my past or let new games surprise me.

Mixed in are the occasional audio-only videos of me talking about writing or other topics.

Current schedule
Let's Play Crystal Caves HD Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Let's Play Betrayal at Krondor Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Let's Replay Sid Meyer's Covert Action 3x on Sunday
Twitch VODs Normally every day except Sunday


I have recently started streaming on Twitch! Includes long-form series like X-Com or variety streams.

Join me as I play and interact with the audience, and follow my channel to be notified about the streams going online.

If you missed a stream, the VODs are available on Twitch and eventually YouTube.

Current schedule
Let's Stream Pokémon Crystal Monday
19:00 to 21:00 GMT/BST
Let's Stream Animal Crossing New Horizons Tuesday
14:00 to 16:00 GMT/BST
Let's Stream FTL: Advanced Edition Wednesday
19:00 to 21:00 GMT/BST
Let's Stream Animal Crossing New Horizons Thursday
14:00 to 16:00 GMT/BST
Variety stream: old console games Friday
19:00 to 21:00 GMT/BST
(Bonus) Let's Stream Animal Crossing New Horizons Saturday
14:00 to 16:00 GMT/BST

Writing and me

Writing has been a passion of mine ever since I first discovered story writing at school. Over the years, I have created many worlds, many more characters and adventures that continue to play out in my head to this day, regardless of what I’m doing. My love for the hobby runs as deep as that which I have for let’s playing – perhaps even more – though I haven’t talked about as much as I’d like to until recently.

I began a series of videos called Writing and Me where I talk about many aspects of writing. It is my hope that my series to help others on the same journey as I am to help them improve their stories.

I'm looking to publish my first fully fledged novel later this year, Errant Hope (Sword Saga Book One), the blurb for which can be found below:

Errant Hope
Sword Saga Book One

'Callum’s life was a hard one, toiling day after day as an unskilled labourer deep in the countryside. Never looking beyond the next winter, his lot was unremarkable and one with little hope of improvement. When an opportunity to earn easy coin falls into Callum’s lap, he readily accepts without thinking of the risk.

Wolves and brigands turn out to be the least of his problems, however, for a chance encounter with an old weathered sword puts him at the centre of mysterious events and earns him the attention of a suspicious knight and gains him some unlikely allies. Their journey for answers – one Callum has little choice but to go on – leads him to learn of the terrible responsibilities that come with wielding the sword and of an enemy whose goals will change his world forever.'

Most of my work has never been publicly presented. The Threnody of Dustledom is the first story I'm publishing online.

There is now an RSS feed RSS icon for my writings if you wish to be updated when new ones come out.

Community and Contacts


I have a community Discord!

I'm pretty active there, so if you want to chat, you're welcome to come by.

Even if I'm not around, there's a great community of other fans to greet you.

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This is my only social media presence.

If you want to follow my random ramblings and life updates, that would be the place.

I also post video and stream updates there.


While I reply on other platforms, my direct messages are usually restricted.

If you need to contact me about a private matter, the best way would be by email.

A tip: if you're contacting me with an offer that's obviously mass-mailed without regards to specifics of my content, you're unlikely to get a response.

Support me

The simplest way to support me is to follow my content! Subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow me on Twitch and Twitter.
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