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Errant Hope

Errant Hope cover

My first fully fledged novel, Errant Hope (Sword Saga Book One) is now out!

Get a print book or a Kindle eBook from Amazon:

eBook: £3.99
Softcover: £12.99
Hardcover: £18.99
Your local Amazon will have roughly equivalent prices

Alternatively, get an EPUB eBook from Gumroad:

eBook: £3.99+
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Errant Hope F.A.Q.

Is there going to be an audiobook?

Not currently planned. While I'm known for my voice acting, a project of this magnitude requires a lot of effort and time, the latter of which I simply don't have at the moment. Whether this will change or not in the future remains to be seen, but for now, it's not something I can promise.

What about signed copies?

The logistics of this are pretty complicated, so I do not currently plan to offer them publicly. Sorry.
However, it might be possible for me to offer signed bookplates that you can add to books — stay tuned.

Any plans for translations?

Not at the moment.

Will there be a sequel?

Yes! It was always my plan for Errant Hope to be the first part of a series, and now that reviews have started coming in, I'm moving full steam ahead with writing the second one. While I can't give you a strict timetable for it's release, I will endeavor to keep you updated on its progress.

I bought the book! How else can I help?

First, let me thank you for buying my book! I hope you enjoyed it!
If you want to help out further, I'd greatly appreciate it if you put up an honest review on the storefront where you bought it and/or on Goodreads. Beyond that, spread the word! Tell your friends, their friends, their pet dogs! The more people who hear about the book, the better!

Which Amazon stores I can buy the physical book from?

It's available in all Amazon storefronts that offer print-on-demand KDP books: US, UK, CA, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, AU, JP (softcover only).
If you're not in those countries, you'll have to order from one of those. At least for now, it's the only way to get the physical book.

I tried to order a print book internationally from Amazon and it's not letting me!

This was an issue, but has been fixed! The book is now available to order anywhere Amazon ships in principle.
If it's marked as unavailable or out of stock for you, try looking at another Amazon region.

I received my print book and the paper is wavy / the cover is curling!

This is not a print defect: it's expected and temporary. To quote Amazon documentation:
Since we print books on demand, we store book paper in a very dry environment. When we ship books, our customers typically receive them within 24 hours of printing, which means they're seeing the books within the first 24 hours that the book has been exposed to normal humidity, and normal humidity can cause the book to appear wavy. This is a by-product of the dry paper storage, and not a sign of damage. Within a month your book will adjust to normal humidity and the waves in the paper will straighten out again.

Do you plan to have the book available through other storefronts?

Physical books: no plans at the moment.
Ebooks: Generally the strategy is to provide a neutral, DRM-free download from Gumroad that can be used with various readers (see below).
If you think there's a storefront we should seriously consider, contact us.

How do I read the eBook on my non-Kindle device / app?

If you buy the eBook from Gumroad, you get an EPUB 2 file, which is a pretty standard eBook format. For many devices and eBook reader applications, you can just load that file and use it. In case your device expects another format, there shouldn't be a problem converting the eBook. Kav recommends Calibre or online services. If it doubt, ask us on Discord.

Errant Hope cover

It came from the heavens and brought disaster.

Callum’s life was a hard one, toiling day after day as an unskilled labourer deep in the countryside. Never looking beyond the next winter, his lot was unremarkable and one with little hope of improvement. When an opportunity to earn easy coin falls into Callum’s lap, he readily accepts without thinking of the risk.

Wolves and brigands turn out to be the least of his problems, however, for a chance encounter with an old weathered sword puts him at the centre of mysterious events, earns him the attention of a suspicious knight and gains him some unlikely allies. Their journey for answers — one Callum has little choice but to go on — leads him to learn of the terrible responsibilities that come with wielding the sword and of an enemy whose goals will change his world forever.

Pulling inspiration from the science fiction and fantasy media of his youth and the lessons learned throughout his life about overcoming adversity, Errant Hope is Damien Jennison's first novel and the first steps in an epic adventure that will sweep you away.

See my writing page for all my written works.