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Writing and me

Writing has been a passion of mine ever since I first discovered story writing at school. Over the years, I have created many worlds, many more characters and adventures that continue to play out in my head to this day, regardless of what I’m doing. My love for the hobby runs as deep as that which I have for let’s playing – perhaps even more – though I haven’t talked about as much as I’d like to until recently.

I began a series of videos called Writing and Me where I talk about many aspects of writing. It is my hope that my series to help others on the same journey as I am to help them improve their stories.

At present, I am late in the editing stage of my first fully fledged novel and am looking for a publisher for my work. It is intended to be the first part of a series of novels. Those interested are encouraged to enquire through the means provided on the main page.

Most of my work has never been publicly presented. The Threnody of Dustledom is the first story I'm publishing online.

There is now an RSS feed RSS icon for my writings if you wish to be updated when new ones come out.